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Welcome to Cat Advocate

Welcome to the Cat Advocate website. My mission here is to help cat owners get advice on common feline issues : socialization, health, behavior, food, litter, toys and training, just to name a few topics.

I have owned and operated THE CAT NANNY Cat Sitting Service since 1990. Cats are my passion and I have always felt like I’m on the same wave length with them. I have successfully tamed and socialized a four year old feral cat and her three kittens into our home. They are happy and healthy and displaying no bad behaviors! In my years as a cat sitting service owner, I have learned a great deal as I’ve come into contact with our feline friends on a daily basis - lots of common sense, practical knowledge. I would like to share what I have learned with those who may be new to the "being owned by a cat" scenario, or with those who have always owned and loved cats, but may be facing a new health or behavioral issue with their kitty

For a nominal fee of $89.95, on your debit or credit card, I will make myself available for unlimited e-mails, for a full six months, to answer your kitty questions. Your kitties will also receive a personally addressed Christmas card at holiday time, just like our cat sitting service clients.

  • What are the illnesses or diseases most common to cats currently and what symptoms should we look out for?
  • What should I do if my kitty is pottying outside the litter box?
  • What type of food is best for my kitty?
  • Why do cats prefer litter pans without hoods, and why do we prefer them with hoods?
  • What kind of toy can I get that my cat will actually play with?
  • What’s a feral cat?
  • Why does my kitten ignore catnip?
  • What cleaning products work best?

These are a few of the many questions I have been asked by our cat sitting service clients over the years. Do you have similar concerns?

Help is just a mouse click away. Please fill out the PAYMENT & CONTACT PAGES on this secure site, and let’s get started! Here’s your chance to be in touch with your very own cat whisperer and animal behaviorist. As THE CAT NANNY Cat Sitting Service, we are proud to have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 7 times. I’m eager to build the same dependable reputation as the Cat Advocate. Please check my Testimonials page for some of the comments from our satisfied clients.

When there is a kitty illness or behavioral issue, the situation can upset the whole household. Let me help you “Restore the Peace” in your home.

Nancy J. Watson
The Cat Advocate
“Restore the Peace”